Crown Jewels

My new book,The Crown Jewels is now out – launched at a reception at the Tower of London on 28 September 2011. It tells the history of the most spectacular and complete collection of royal regalia in the world.

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Dr. Anna Keay is the Director of the Landmark Trust.

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Magnificent MonarchsThe Magnificent Monarch: Charles II and the Ceremonies of Power
Anna Keay, July 2008
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This important and original book is the first to examine properly the ceremonial world of an English sovereign. In an age when the king still healed the sick and took his meals in front of a crowd of spectators, a sovereign's ability to carry off this public role could be as important to his success as his command of the army or management of parliament.

'Courts in Exile', Ed. Torsten Riotte and Philip Mansel
My latest contribution to Monarchy in Exile, my chapter on 'Courts in Exile' focuses on Charles II in exile. More info>

The Tower of London

New Project

My exciting new project is a biography of Charles II's first and favourite son, James, Duke of Monmouth: a man who blazed through the skies of Stuart England like a comet. A rake, a rebel and a revolutionary, he was executed for high treason on Tower Hill at the age of just 36 - after invading England and losing the last battle ever fought on English soil. It will be published by Bloomsbury in two years' time.